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Contest Result

Hello All!

Well, the wait is finally over. Here is the notification I received from Writers Digest.

"Greetings Philip and thank you once again for competing in the Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition!

This courtesy update is to inform you that your submission was not amongst this year's selected titles. We would like to thank you again for participating in this year’s Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition (there were over 1,600 submissions); the decision-making was tough. Our judges were incredibly impressed by the exceptional number of talented writers participating this year!"

I read this email and admittedly was disappointed; I had high hopes. But, more importantly, my next thought was to get back to work. I am engaging a professional editing service to get an unbiased and professional assessment of the story—in the spirit of continuous improvement.

There are other competitions for short stories, and this short story, Whispers In The Woods, may, after its editor's review, see another day. I thank all of you who read and commented on that story, which I posted in the Writing Shorts section of this website. Stay tuned for more!

I Persist

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