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Write or Not to Write?

Spoiler alert! It's Write. Write, and here's why. I'm sure I am not too far out there regarding other writers' experiences. I tend to have days when writing in my main work in process is less than inspiring, and other days, I am thankful for those two years of high school typing class with Mrs. Beighly. The 40 or so words a minute I type are very valuable when the ideas come rushing out of my brain.

I have found that on the less inspired days when my thoughts drift elsewhere, I tend to write all sorts of random stuff, but the important part is that I am still writing, some of these ending up in the Writing Shorts section.

A solid principle in weight lifting and other forms of exercise is that you must mix it up a bit from time to time because your body becomes accustomed to the usual workout and stagnates progress. These shorter pieces, which slip out of my imagination and onto the paper, do just that in my writing life, giving my creativity a little kick and a new challenge. I have found that afterward, it seems to help me get moving again once I return to my main work. Plus, it's just plain fun. I have many shorts to clean up before posting, but I look forward to sharing. The themes are wide and varied. Some are inspired by somewhere I was visiting; some are a "what if" on memories of my past, and some are just fanciful, way out there, a high fever & full dose of Nyquil type of writing. 😂😁😮

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